About Us

Finally, there is a new, innovative, and blended teaching and learning approach which combines the best teachers with the latest technology and content to inspire children to discover the fun side of English learning, better preparing them for the demands of their educational and work lives.

- Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)

- Leadership Training Programs (LTPs)

- Unique methodology

- Immersive environment

- Training in 21st century skills


- More fluent in English

- More confident English speakers

- 21st century citizens

Dr. Abdullah AlMojel
President and Managing Director, (Former Deputy Minister of Higher Education)
After two years of overlap, research, and study, we decided to launch the Rise Program to the public in a new, unique format which has been developed educational professionals and other leading experts In partnership with Rise Global, we recruit local talent who have been selected carefully and patiently, and have been trained with all the necessary skills to enable them to achieve the program’s goals. Since the Rise Program is based on HOTS and LTP, and modern technologies and educational foundations that support student learning, it was met with enthusiasm of the training participants. As a result, it will engage and motivate students in a fun and interactive way while developing 21st century leaders who will not only reap the benefits of their success but also contribute to the success of our their communities.
Global Dimension for Education and Training (GDET) provides high quality technical and vocational training and education for Saudi and Gulf Cooperation Council countries. GDET saw the need to fill the gap in children’s education methods. After two years of research, GDET partnered with Rise Global (Ireland) to introduce the Rise Program in Gulf Countries, launching its first center Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Rise Global brings a new and innovative approach in education, which complements GDET’s vision of developing a new generation from an early age and employing local power to help advance the national economy.
Rise Global owns and operates English Language Learning (ELL) centers in several markets across the globe, offering a premium, US curriculum based program to children. Rise Global believes passionately in creating dynamic education experiences using all technology, innovation and data available to engage the mind and imagination of the 21st Century child. Rise Global has invested, donated and participated in numerous projects around the globe. Rise Global centers operate in markets around the world including Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, and the Gulf and continues to grow internationally.